COVID-19 Rules & Regs for Yoga

Your health, wellbeing and safety is my number one priority. Please help me to keep you safe by following these guidelines; Please arrive at least 5 mins early for your class.

Queue in 2m distance away from the door to allow others to leave. Do not mingle in groups before or after class.

Sanitize your hands when you arrive and leave.

Please wear your mask until you find your spot on your mat.

Please bring your own mat (mats available upon request only)

Keep all mats 2m distance apart.

Store personal items at the back of your mat/next to the wall away from others.

Please pre print and sign your disclaimer and registration form or digi sign and return before class to secure your spot.

Please stay home if feeling unwell.

Latest information regulation regarding yoga classes: 16/10/2020

We are aware that Sport England have issued guidance and the link to that guidance is here: https://www. help/coronavirus The following information relates to all Tiers 1 (medium), 2 (high) Organised sporting or other fitness related activities are allowed (including personal training or coaching) to continue in groups of more than 6. This can be in any place, indoors or outdoors, other than a ‘private dwelling’ - a term which includes most outdoor space such as a garden. In all cases, the organiser must conduct a risk assessment and take all reasonable steps to limit transmission of the coronavirus by reference to that risk assessment and all relevant COVID-19 Secure guidance. When participating in organised sport, you must not mingle in groups of more than 6 before and after the activity. If an organiser is not able to ensure that no mingling takes place between sub-groups of no more than 6 (including when arriving at or leaving activity or in any breaks or socialising) then such events should not take place. Attendees must avoid social interaction with anyone outside the group they are with, even if they see other people they know, at all times during their visit. Any sports coaches or trainers undertaking 1-1 sessions should ensure they conduct a thorough risk assessment before engaging in any sessions and follow Best Practice guidelines. This should include particular consideration for under 18s and vulnerable adults.

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