Yoga for Golfers...

You may not have associated yoga with improving your golf game, but you should. Practicing the right yoga maneuvers will both optimize and maximize your performance on the course. Check out the awesome benefits you can gain:

Increased flexibility

As you practice your poses, you’ll soon find that tight muscles will begin to loosen up, which will greatly improve your golf swing. Better flexibility allows for a better full range of motion, and therefore, a more powerful swing. Improved strength Yoga does a great deal to improve your strength, almost as much as a weight-lifting regimen. It’s also especially beneficial to your core strength, which goes a long way for improving your swing. More endurance Yoga requires that you sustain certain positions for a period of time. This practice will build your endurance. Better endurance will allow you to perform better over a longer period of time on the course. Better mobility Practicing yoga will help you to gain a better range of motion in your joints. This will allow you to move faster and with better accuracy as you play. Increased stability Yoga includes several exercises that will help you to improve your stability over time. So, if you’ve ever had to hit a ball from an awkward position (and come on, who hasn’t?!) you’ll be more grounded to do it well. Better balance Stability and balance go hand in hand. If you have problems keeping your balance, yoga practice will provide for a better center of gravity, which is ideal for improving your golf swing. Improved focus The breathing exercises that go along with yoga can improve your concentration and focus on the game. If your mind isn’t calm and focused, you’ll be challenged to play at peak performance. Are you ready to boost your golf game and counteract the results of aging? Then come enjoy the new Golfers Conditioning Class at Hainault Golf Club!

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